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FoodRide Stops in Hamilton

ImageFoodRide cyclists Megan Clark and Tom Wiercioch stopped by the CFMU station to talk about their bike ride across Canada this summer in support of university and community food banks.

Joining the duo is cyclist Adrian Arts, and together the team is hosting 22 food drives along their 10,000km route this summer. They aim to raise over $100,000 in food and monetary donations for Canadian foods banks, and have currently raised just over $30,000.

The duo explained that this experience has really opened their eyes to how many Canadians rely on food banks to simply eat three meals a day. Megan shared that close to 900,000 Canadians visit food banks monthly in Canada, and that children make up 40% of those helped by food banks.

You can support FoodRide when they host their food drive in Hamilton tomorrow. 

They will be set up at the Dundurn Street Fortino’s location (50 Dundurn St.) between 10:00a.m-4:00p.m.

Stop by with a food donation, or contribute to their goal of $100,000 for Canadian food banks.

You can find out more information about Food Ride here:
Or on their Facebook page:


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