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Teaming up for International Bow Tie Day

All smiles while sporting snazzy bow-ties in all shapes and sizes!

All smiles while sporting bow-ties in many shapes and sizes!

It’s not every day you see a room full of both men and women in bow ties, but when it’s international bow-tie day AND the event supports a great cause, people tend to want to get involved!

That was definitely the case last night, as snazzy looking Hamiltonians joined together at The Baltimore House for factor[e] design initiatives second annual “Bow Tie Day” in support of the Telling Tales Festival. Celebrating their fifth year of festivities on September 15th, the festival promotes the love of reading among children, and helps fund numerous literacy projects within the community.

This year’s festival will be sure to please all ages, as Canada’s leading children’s authors, illustrators, storytellers and musicians will join together in Westfield Heritage Village to share their love of stories. Author Eric Walters, singer Jude Johnson, and illustrator Robin Baird-Lewis are just a few of the talented literacy lovers that are attending this year, and the jam-packed program schedule is sure to keep the whole family smiling.

factor[e] design initiative’s team is also smiling, as they’re able to do two things they love: show off their stylish apparel while supporting a love of literacy among children. The Facebook page promoting the event tied the two together well, stating, “The bow-tie is more than just fashion, it’s a sense of self-respect and personal expression, not unlike education itself.”

And to think it all started as a rebuttal to a bloggers statement. Yup, that’s right – upon reading a bloggers post that Hamilton was the “worst dressed city in Canada” the team at factor[e] decided to prove the blogger wrong and support a terrific cause while doing so. Now, classy looking folks celebrate style and support some terrific literacy projects at the same time. It’s a win-win! Guess us bloggers have to be careful about what we say…;)

Be sure to check out the Telling Tales Festival website,, where you can download the festival program, donate to the cause, or even learn about the festival’s handy new app.

You can also find out more information about factor[e] design initiative and their services here:

Ryan Moran of factor[e] design initiative and Susan Jasper of the Telling Tales Festival join together for "Bow Tie Day"

Ryan Moran of factor[e] design initiative and Susan Jasper from Telling Tales Festival join together for “Bow Tie Day”


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