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Supercast = Superfun.

It may be Wednesday, but I think the CFMU team is only fully recovering from Supercrawl today.

What. A. Weekend!!

If you followed CFMU on the blog/Facebook/Twitter you’re probably well aware that CFMU was slightly busy over the weekend.

We had 38 guests on the air within 6 hours during Saturday’s Supercast…Supercast = Superspeed!

In all seriousness though, it was a blast. We loved everything about it:

– we loved that we could share CFMU with a ton of new people, and the opportunity to represent the McMaster Students Union in the Hamilton community
– we loved promoting the amazing work numerous not-for-profit organizations do within Hamilton and the McMaster community (and kudos to all of their phenomenal volunteers)
– we loved highlighting incredibly talented musicians who performed during Supercrawl (who were all really humble and fun to talk with btw)
– we loved learning about art installations and performance groups for the very first time (hopefully you got a chance to check some of them out, because they were amazing. flamethrowers on trampolines…just a regular day for Circus Orange!)
– we loved the venue (and the coffee to keep us awake during all of the interviews) Homegrown Hamilton, 27 King William Street – if you haven’t been yet – check it out!
– we loved our volunteers (we always love our volunteers, but we especially loved them during Supercrawl). CFMU volunteer’s were in the midst of the James Street action, handing out copies of Everybody Dance Now: Volume 8. And people were liking them – minutes after volunteers had left, they’d be back with empty boxes! We also really appreciated those at the station who ensured everything ran smoothly, thank-you!
– we loved the fact that both Friday AND Saturday featured a terrific line-up of musicians at This Ain’t Hollywood. The CFMU Supercrawl Showcase was a big success with sold out shows both nights. Awesome location; awesome music.
– we loved the vibe. The tunes made their way from James Street to Homegrown during the broadcast, and it was evident everyone had an absolute blast at Supercrawl. Think it’s safe to say it was the biggest and best yet!

All in all, we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success.

If you didn’t get the chance to tune in or stop by, not to worry – we’ve re-posted pictures from the weekend below, with links to all of our guests websites.
See ya at next year’s Supercrawl!



Our first guest of the day was the extremely talented Steve Strongman.
Not only did he win the 2013 Juno for “Blues Album of the Year” but he has also won four Maple Blues Awards. You should probably check out his incredible blues tunes here:


Next up was Randy Kay from OPIRG, and Keisha Neoma-Quinn from Fossil Free McMaster.
Learn about OPIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group), their numerous working groups, ways to volunteer and more:
And be sure to check out the awesome Fossil Free McMaster blog:


Choral leaders Bethany Ricker and Kate Hoskin from the Hamilton Children’s Choir were a pleasure to talk with. They are quite the talented group – last year they competed in China, and this summer they will be travelling to South Korea!
Learn more about the Hamilton Children’s Choir here:


Tommy and Bassam from the Burlington Slam Project came to us immediately following a great performance at Supercrawl. The organization does some really neat things, including a monthly “open mic slam.”

Find out more about the work they do and how you can involved here:


Victoria Alstein from Centre3 was our next guest. They have a new interactive exhibition happening at the centre until Oct. 19th that involves interactive art.
For more information, feel free to check out their site:


Next up was Marc Skulnick from Hamilton Magazine.
Be sure to keep your eyes out for the latest issue that will hit stands at the end of the month.
In the meantime, you can check out their site online:


Tom Comet looks excited…and for good reason! He dropped in on behalf of Circus Orange to talk about performance, pyrotechnics, and the incredible stunts that are performed during their shows. If you saw the performance Saturday night, you know just how incredible the shows really are (flamethrowers on trampolines for crying out loud!)
Learn more about all the crazy performances they put on here:

A dynamic duo that have been working away at Living Rock Ministries since 1985. Al Craig and Karen are an inspiration – check out some of the neat things they are up to at Living Rock:


Maya and Becky finished their set and headed over to Homegrown. They got some food (loved the bean salad) and talked all about The Pack A.D.

Check out their website, upcoming shows, and music here:


Amy Bonin was next in line, to chat all about Gusto Magazine: Hamilton’s free monthly wellness magazine. Created to help Hamilton inspire, educate and grow, you can read some recent stories and learn more about the publication here:


Adding some artists to the mix… Sarah Beck and Shlomi Greenspan dropped in to talk about their Supercrawl experience and how they combined comedy and art.

Be sure to admire some of their fascinating work here:


McMaster students don’t only do amazing things on campus, but they are also making a big impact in the Hamilton community. One group that does some incredible outreach work is the McMaster Student Outreach Collaborative. Sarah stopped by on behalf of the club and spoke about the various ways they are helping overcome homelessness within Hamilton.

Learn more about the McMaster Student Outreach Collaborative here:


Co-founders of the Hamilton Audio-Visual Node [HAVN], and alumni of the McMaster Studio Art Programme, Kearan Roy Taylor and Connor Bennett are doing some pretty awesome things in and around Hamilton.

Check out some of their most recent work with HAVN here:


Back to talking music! Speedy Ortiz popped by to talk about life with the band, teaching on the side, and wondering if their students will ever realize their being taught by a rock-star…

Speedy Ortiz:


Chauntell was our next guest of the day, representing LEAF (Learning Effective Anti-Violence in Families Program).

The LEAF program is an early intervention program for children age 4-16 who have witnessed the abuse of their mothers.  All services are free, confidential and include childcare, transportation assistance, snacks and wheelchair accessibility.

You can contact their 24 Hour Crisis line by calling: 905-529-8600
Or, learn more by checking out their website:

Time for Said the Whale!!

This band has been rocking the music scene for years, and with songs as catchy as “I Love You” it’s no surprise why.
We talked about music video’s…they gave us a pair of their sunglasses –  it was pretty awesome.
Be sure to check out their brand new album “Hawaii,” which was officially released yesterday.

Said the Whale:


That’s a familiar face! Chantell Tunney was our next guest on-air, to talk all about Ronald McDonald House Hamilton. Ronald McDonald House Hamilton (RMHH) provides a “home away from home” for families of children who are seriously ill and being treated at nearby hospitals, and Hamilton is fortunate to have one of 14 Ronald McDonald houses located across Canada.

Find out more about Ronald McDonald House of Hamilton here:


James McNew from Yo La Tengo stopped by and was an absolute pleasure to talk with. James admitted the band started off not knowing if they’d stay together more than a week. They did something right though, because 28 years later they are still making great music and having a blast.

Find out their tour schedule, news, and all about their latest album “Fade” here:


Another busy place during Supercrawl was Factory Media Centre. Nonetheless, they squeezed in time to talk with us, and it was a pleasure to chat with Laura about the latest events happening at the Factory.

Creative Exchange networking events, equipment rentals – Factory Media is a great community of support! Learn more about what they do here:


And the interviews kept going! Chris and Hayden from METZ talked about their music, touring, and their anticipation to play that evening at Supercrawl. *they also noted the headphones made them feel as though they were in an airplane 😉

Check out their tunes here:


Hamilton band Young Rival was the next group to join us during the Supercast prior to their performance that evening on the Waterfront Stage.

Be sure to check out their music video that’s garnering a lot of attention: “Two Reasons”

p.s – is it just us, or does the CFMU logo look like a halo behind Noah’s head? Maybe we were just getting tired after a long line of interviews, but we thought so…


Coming off of an extremely successful “Take Back the Night” last Thursday, Erin was thrilled to talk about some of the other events SACHA has in store.

Be sure to stay up to date with SACHA sexual assault centre here:
SACHA 24 hour Support Line: 905-525-4162


Jasmin Bilodeau from BGL was our next guest during the Supercast. He had some fascinating artwork on display during Supercrawl – learn more about his work here:


Second last interview of the day…the guys from Sensei stopped by to get in on the Supercast action before they hit the Hamilton Community Foundation Stage at 6:45p.m.

They have upcoming shows in the next few weeks – check out their Facebook page for all the details:


And our last interview of the day…Rebecca Babcock from McMaster Athletes Care!
Now in its third year, McMaster Athletes Care reaches out to a number of organizations within the Hamilton community including the Eva Rothwell Centre, Boys and Girls Clubs Hamilton, and many more.

Learn more about the work they do and how to get involved here:

And that wraps up the Supercast! A fantastic day, but we need a nap!! 🙂



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