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5th Anniversary of AGH BMO World Film Festival

The AGH BMO World Film Festival is in full swing, with a line-up of over 30 award-winning, international, independent and Canadian films playing across the Greater Hamilton area during the festivals 10 day span.

"Much Ado About Nothing" Screening

“Much Ado About Nothing” Screening

Yesterday, CFMU caught up with McMaster Theatre and Film Studies Assistant Professor Peter Cockett, just before he provided the opening remarks for the screening of “Much Ado About Nothing.”

A contemporary take on a Shakespeare classic, director Joss Whedon has been receiving fantastic reviews for his modern interpretation, and Cockett was excited to share his own views on Shakespeare’s work prior to the film.

You can hear the interview with Peter Cockett tomorrow on CFMU at 9:15a.m

Additionally, be sure to check out the fantastic line-up of films that are playing during the 5th anniversary of the AGH BMO World Film Festival – the festival ends Sept.29th!


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