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Music Strategy Open House


CFMU recently headed to the City of Hamilton’s Music Strategy Open House to discover what the Music Strategy entails, and how it will benefit the Hamilton music community.

Following a public forum in August where Hamiltonian’s could share their own thoughts and comments on the strategy, staff and members of the core working group have helped comprise a more specific vision for music in Hamilton. On display at the open house were five panels that indicated the vision, mission, goals, objectives and the anticipated outcomes of the Music Strategy, all of which will be presented to City Council later on this year. Below are quotes from some of the panels presented at the Open House.

To learn more about the Music Strategy, their progress so far, and future steps, tune in to CFMU tomorrow morning at 9:45a.m.


“Panel 2
The vision for Music in Hamilton:

Hamilton has a thriving music industry, creative music community and eclectic music scene. As a major player in the Canadian music industry, the city attracts and cultivates talent. Music contributes to a diverse economy and enriches the lives of those who live, work, play and learn in Hamilton.”

“Panel 5
The anticipated outcomes of the Music Strategy are:

1) Strong music identity for Hamilton
2) Sustainable music industry
3) Increased economic activity”


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