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Hispanic Women’s Support Group “Mujeres” Celebrates Grand Opening

Hispanic Women's Support Network Celebrates their Grand Opening at Hamilton City Centre.

Newcomers gather at the Women’s Support Network Grand Opening at Hamilton City Centre.

“Mujeres.”  In Spanish it translates to “women,” and it is this word that has become an inspiration for Rosa Villar-King in creating a new Hispanic Women’s Network within Hamilton.

Yesterday marked the grand opening of the centre that will become the meeting space for the women’s network, located at 77 James Street North, Suite 252. It all started with a passion to gather like minded women together, and Rosa hopes that the space will encourage women to share ideas, learn from each other, and have a safe space to socialize.

“Some women are isolated, they come from another country and don’t speak the language – they need a place where we feel free to share our ideas and our problems” explained Rosa, when stressing the importance of a location for Hispanic women to meet and reflect. And the need is visible, as women have already begun meeting every other Thursday to join in conversation and build their own community.

In addition to the growth of the Hispanic Women’s Network, Rosa hopes to offer instructional classes in the future, highlighting topics such as “English as a Second Language,” “Artistic Face Painting,”  “Adapting to Canadian Business and its Society,” and a “Job Search Club” at her Hamilton City Centre office.

For more information about the Hispanic Women’s Network e-mail Rosa at: or call: 905-769-4863

Hispanic Women’s Meetings occur on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month between 10:00a.m-12:00p.m, at 77 James Street North, Suite 252.


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