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MacPride 2013

If you tuned in to Morningfile last week, or follow CFMU on Twitter you’re probably already well aware -but just in case your not – this week The Queer Students Community Centre presents MacPride.

Taking place between Nov.4-8th, the QSCC will be hosting a number of events including movie nights, ally training, a performance by S. Bear Bergman and more.

Today marked the QSCC’s anual Pride March and CFMU was proud to join other clubs, athletes, and McMaster students and alumni in the campus march!

From the QSCC: EVENT DESCRIPTIONS for MacPride 2013:


Event: Pride Crafts with the QSCC!
About: Feel free to come by MUSC 313 and make Pride Banners and other festive decorations in preparation for our Pride March!

Event: Drag 101 Tutorial
About: Interested in performing drag, but don’t know where to start? Come by for a tutorial run by some of McMaster’s very own drag queens! A great way to prepare for the MacPride Drag Show!

Event: Queer Speed-date!
About: Interested in meeting other queer or trans folks? Looking for friendship, connections, or more? Our Speed Dating event is designed to cater to all genders and orientations, and will be a great way to meet folks in our community!


About: MacPride’s largest event gathers folks from all areas of campus to celebrate gender and sexual diversity! This event includes a march from Commons, and will end at MUSC/Mills Plaza for a rally, including some words from leaders in inclusion across campus. All allies welcome!

Event: Screening Rent at the SWELL!
About: Join the great folks at the Student Wellness Centre for a screening of the musical Rent!


Event: Ally Training
About: Wondering how to support your queer and trans friends, but don’t know where to start? We’ll give you some basic understanding of the LGBTQ+ community, share some of our perspectives, and give you some tips to stand in solidarity with our community.

Event: Steel Cut Queer Movie Night
About: Hamilton’s newest Queer zine will be hosting a double-feature, showing Tongues Untied and Born In Flames

Event: Ace (Asexual) board game social
About: Come by the QSCC to get to know other ace folks while battling at board games!


Event: Gender Roles Mental Health Discussion at the SWELL
About: Join the QSCC and the SWELL to chat about Gender Roles!

About: Everyone’s favourite event is back! Get excited for some excellent performances from McMaster’s own!

Event: S. Bear Bergman performs “Sing if You’re Glad to be Trans!”
About: S. Bear Bergman is an author, a theater artist, and a frequent lecturer regarding issues relating to the points of intersection between gender, sexuality, and culture.

Bear will be performing “Sing if You’re Glad to be Trans!”.

Description: While the difficult narratives of trans life are valid and deserve our attention, is it no perhaps enough with the all-misery-all-the-time trans channel? Being trans is not a reason for pity, scorn, shame, or apology. This lecture celebrated trans bodies, communities, awareness, sex, love, particular talents, successes and self-creation with a faultless logic and good humour that may just make you appreciate transfolks (or being trans) in a whole new way.


1-2:30 PM:Pride Crafts with the QSCC
MUSC 213

2:30-3:30: Drag 101 Tutorial
MUSC 213

9PM: Queer Speed Dating

Beginning at Commons

5-7 PM: MacPride Movie night @ the SWELL
(Presented by Student Wellness)

1:30-3PM: Ally Training!
MUSC 213

7PM: Steel Cut Queer Movie Night
The Factory Media Centre, 228 James St. North

7PM: Ace (Asexual) Board Game Social
QSCC, MUSC rm 221

10:30-11:30AM: Discussion at the SWELL

The Werx, 121 Hughson St. North

4:30 PM: Performance by S. Bear Bergman- “Sing if You’re Glad to Be Trans!”


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