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NEW SHOW: I Heart Hamilton Kicks off TODAY at 2p.m!

I Heart Hamilton's new show kicks off today at 2:00p.m on CFMU.

I Heart Hamilton’s new radio show kicks off today at 2:00p.m on CFMU

You heard it right everyone – Kristin Archer of I Heart Hamilton is starting a brand new weekly show on CFMU and it kicks off TODAY at 2p.m!!

A former Marauder whose dropped by CFMU countless times, we’re super excited to have the content of Kristin’s I Heart Hamilton blog shared on the airwaves.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check her incredible blog yet, here’s the link:
Give it a view!

What can you expect from the first show?!

From Ms. Archer herself:

“The show will be I Heart Hamilton in radio form – tons of music content, as well as showcasing many of the other categories I feature on the blog (food, shops, art, theatre, comedy, non-profits, events, and more).

Joining me in studio will be Mark Furukawa (Dr. Disc) and Andy Inglis, the team behind Discography. I’ll also be talking about the upcoming Hamilton Music Awards and that night’s Art Crawl. Of course, I’ll be playing tons of local music and will kick off my inaugural show with some particular favourites of mine.”

We can’t wait – tune in today (and every Friday) 2:00p.m-3:00p.m on CFMU!


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