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Lemon Bucket Orchestra Ticket Giveaway

lemon bucket

Lemon Bucket Orkestra.

“Those discovering the band for the first time quickly realize that their shows are more than concerts: they’re wild, joyful experiences rarely contained by four walls; they’re celebrations of tradition and culture expressed with an explosive punk spirit; they’re ecstatic street parades that erupt from the collision of nostalgia and imagination.”
– Matapa Music and Arts Organization

Sounds like a great time to us! And guess what? You can check out Lemon Bucket Orkestra for yourself by winning 2 free tickets to see them live this Saturday, December 7th at Hamilton Place Studio!
You’ll also get a copy of their latest album, “Lume, Lume” which includes a bunch of great toe-tapping tracks.

CFMU will be giving away the tickets tomorrow (Dec. 6th) at 9:30a.m during Morningfile.

Be the first person to call 905-528-9888 when the ticket giveaway is announced and you’ll be heading to the concert Saturday night.

Good luck!


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