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CFMU Talks MSU Presidential Election

With the MSU Presidential Elections officially underway, CFMU invited this years candidates to the studio this morning to give one final address to their fellow students. Candidates talked about their platforms, the importance of voting, and even had the opportunity to ask a question to another candidate in the running.

CFMU Elections

Voting opened yesterday at 9:00a.m and will remain open until 5:00p.m on Thursday, January 30th.

If you missed this morning’s discussion and would like to listen, check out CFMU’s programming schedule: http:/ and click on today’s “Morningfile” link to download the podcast. 

Additionally, CFMU will be airing clips from Monday’s debate that took place in the MUSC atrium tomorrow morning between 9:00-9:30a.m. 

The MSU has provided details on how students can vote, as well as information about the two referendum questions on this years ballot (see below). 

Take some time to familiarize yourself with each candidate and vote – your voice matters!

Voting/Referendum Information: 

Students will receive an email in their McMaster email account with a secure link to the ballot.There will also be an electronic polling station in MUSC in front of Starbucks from 10:00am-3:00pm each day, should a student wish to use it. For all election related information, including links to the candidate’s websites/platforms, please visit MSU Elections.

In addition to the MSU Presidential Elections, there will be two referendum questions on the ballot concerning the renewal of the HSR Bus Pass and the MSU’s Health and Dental Insurance Plan.

Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) Referendum

Every three years, the MSU sends the HSR agreement to referendum. This year, the HSR referendum will feature additional options to those seen in the past. Specifically, it will feature the options of adding new features to the student package regarding summer service (as a 12 month pass), as well as rush hour service / late-night service.

Currently, students pay $126 for an 8 month bus pass. The price of $126 is equivalent to 16% of the $695 (plus tax) it would cost to purchase 8 month-long bus passes. Information regarding the HSR referendum and the expanded coverage options can be found here.

Health Insurance Referendum

Currently, each full-time undergraduate student pays $57.50 (tax included) into a health insurance program facilitated by the MSU. If a student can show proof of comparable coverage (meaning coverage under a separate plan usually through an employer, a parent or individual coverage), a student may OPT-OUT of the MSU plan and receive a refund.


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