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2014 Homelessness Radio Marathon

On Wednesday, February 26th, CFMU, along with 16 other campus and community stations, will be hosting The 2014 Homelessness Radio Marathon. This is an annual radio event that broadcasts nationally live from the streets all night, coast to coast.

The marathon was founded in 1998 by Jeremy Weir Alderson, with the goal of inspiring national conversation on homelessness and poverty.

Taking place in Edmonton, from 5pm Wednesday evening to 7am Thursday morning (Mountain Time), we’ll be broadcasting music, stories, heated discussion, and an open mic.

As a consciousness-raising radio marathon, there will be no on-air solicitations; however, if you want to get involved and help out you can check out local shelters, outreach organizations, and activist groups.

Between 1:30-2am listen in to hear groups from Hamilton discuss the unique circumstances of homelessness in our community and what a few organizations are doing to help.
For more information on the National Homelessness Radio Marathon visit

To hear tonight’s broadcast, tune in to 93.3 CFMU or go to


Written by: Courtney Corbeil


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