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Raise your voice 2014 – CFMU Fundraiser

We are 5 days into our Raise your voice 2014 Fundraiser and still going strong!

Our friends over at Cut From Steel  recently wrote an amazing blog post about our station.

We wanted to share it with you, as it’s support like this that helps CFMU be the one of a kind community station that it is. Thank-you and remember: #RaiseYourVoice!

Raise your voice 2014 – CFMU Fundraiser

It’s that time of year again: CFMU Fundraising time. CFMU – 93.3FM is the McMcaster University community radio station. It is a wonderful station that has a lot of great shows. It is the only radio station that I listen to on a regular basis. From the amazing Democracy Now program in the mornings – to In Tha Kut – to Weird Hour – there are so many great programs to chose from.

Community radio is vital for the nourishment of local music. Commercial radio stations play a very limited range of popular music and are heavily sponsored. Community radio, like CFMU, on the other hand play real music. Real music that people in our country and in our community are making. That is a wonderful thing and it means so much to musicians to have that outlet to have their music heard.

CFMU does not raise runds through major advertising campaigns and almost the entire staff is made up of volunteers. It is a listener-supported radio station sustained by people who care about the diverse and local programing that is offered.

For a lot more information on the history of CFMU and community radio, please check out the interview we did with Program Director Jamie Tennant last year.

As per the tradition, CFMU is holding a fundraising show at This Ain’t Hollywood on March 7th. Find all of the details on our events page.

Support CFMU with a donation, by coming to one of the events, or by helping  to promote the campaign to the public. Donations are accepted in many ways, but the easiest is probably through PayPal – here.

For more information you can contact Jamie Tennant, Program Director 905.525.9140 x 27208


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