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CFMU Raise Your Voice: I #SupportCFMU because…

Yesterday as part of our #RaiseYourVoice fundraiser, we asked different people why they continuously #SupportCFMU. We snapped some photo’s and shared them on Twitter, but thought we’d pass on the CFMU love here as well : )

Feel free to shoot us a message letting us know why you #SupportCFMU at

Our #RaiseYourVoice fundraising campaign wraps up tonight and we’d love your support during the final push of our fundraiser.

As you’ll see in some of the responses below, CFMU is doing a lot of great work in and around McMaster and the city of Hamilton.

We broadcast to the greater Hamilton area.  Our programs are produced and hosted by volunteers from the community – by people like yourself.  We address local issues, promote local and under-represented music, and feature unique voices.  We give voice to those who need it.

Last year, we received our seventh Radio Station of the Year Award, grew our social media presence by 99%, started a blog (, and had a physical presence at many events on campus and across the city.  Our on-site Supercrawl broadcast was the most successful to date, and featured many high-profile guests.  Most importantly, our campus profile has taken a leap forward and volunteer participation has expanded by over 30%. CFMU is more interesting and valuable than ever.

We’d like you to consider pledging to this year’s drive and supporting our campaign. In order to save paper we are sending our request in digital form.  If you choose to support us in 2014, click on the “Donate” button on our website to pay by PayPal, or email our program director, Jamie Tennant at

Keep radio interesting – support 93.3 CFMU.


A. Fundraiser - Breakfast

I #SupportCFMU because…”There’s nothing else like it!” – Paul Panchezak, Breakfast of Champions.

A. Fundraiser - Sil

I #SupportCFMU because: “It allows @theSilhouette to come together each week for on-air fun”- Jemma Wolfe, Silhouette Executive Editor


I #SupportCFMU because: “They offer important community coverage” – Andrew, CFMU Co-op.

a. courtney

I #SupportCFMU because: “I love local Hamilton music – and CFMU plays it!” – Courtney Corbeil, CFMU Spoken Word Director.


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