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Learn about the Victorian Era at Westfield Heritage Village


Westfield Heritage Village is one of the coolest places in Hamilton. It is a collection of more than 30 historical buildings, preserved for attraction and for interaction. Visitors can take a glimpse into early Canadian culture and experience the life of an earlier time. 

To celebrate Victoria Day, the Village has organized a special event that caps off on Sunday, May 25. Between 12:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. visitors can attend an event tailored to the Victorian era. 

Queen Victoria ruled England and its empire from 1837-1901 and had a massive impact on changes to culture, etiquette, fashion, politics, food and technology. Guest of Westfield Heritage Villiage, on Sunday, will be able to learn about all of it and be able to experience it first-hand from costumed interpreters and real, hands-on experiences.

This is a family-friendly activity that will be fun and interesting for all ages, even those who are so old that they were born in the Victorian era! They’ve even created a replica of the Queen’s wedding dress; you’ve got to see it for yourself. 


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