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20 Years of Freewheeling

On Saturday, May 24th, the Freewheeling Folk Show celebrated its 20th anniversary with an incredible 4-hour-plus live extravaganza. Host and producer Jim Marino put out a call to folk musicians and past Freewheeling guests, and the response was incredible.  Jim had a packed house for the anniversary (which was also his 1000th show) with about sixty guests.  There was food, talk, and of course music, with performances from dozens and dozens of people – everyone from Wendell Ferguson to Edgar Breau to John Prince to Linda McRae (who drove up from Nashville just for this event!).  Best of all, all those performances sounded fantastic on the radio – you can download or stream the show (in several parts – it spanned the time from 930 am to 1:45 pm).  Just go to our website, click on the programming page and stream or download.  This is what it’s all about – passion and music. Congrats, Jim! Here’s to another 20 years – we know you can do it.ImageImageImage


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