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Plenty of charitable events this weekend

There is no shortage of ways to give back to the community this weekend, with a several representatives of good causes coming in to Morningfile to share about their fun events and fundraising goals. Some of those that were on the show are highlighted below. 

The Mac Kids Walk & Wheel for Miracles is a go on Saturday, May 31st. Participants will be meeting at Pier 4 Park to raise money for McMaster Children’s Hospital and enable them to get updated equipment to serve children in the Hamilton area and far beyond. More info here

The Capital One Race for Kids will be raising money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hamilton as their participants complete an obstacle course of athletic and silly feats around West Hamilton. That’s on Saturday as well, starting off at McMaster Innovation Park. Read about it here. 

Also on Saturday, A Free Carnival in support of the 41st Hamilton Scout Group will be held at The Church of the Ascension at 64 Forest Ave in downtown Hamilton. This is a free event with tons of fun and games. It also serves as a fundraiser and guests can choose to make a donation to support the troop, which targets lower-income kids and gives them a community to be apart of while learning valuable skills. Check it out here

The weekend is packed, no excuses people! 



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