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Royal Connaught opens restored lobby and model suite

The one-hundred-year-old Royal Connaught Hotel, a fixture of historic downtown Hamilton that has been the subject of development speculation for a decade, has finally shown some real, tangible progress.

The building, now the Residences of the Royal Connaught was partially opened in an event attended by many, CFMU Community Outreach Coordinator and Morningfile host Tyler Welch.

Raise the Hammer was also present and photos on this post were originally found on that site, here.

So far, only the lobby of the original building has been developed and restored, in addition to the construction of a model suite. The finished product will consist of addition condo towers, merged with the original building, creating a classic-meets-contemporary community at King Street East and Catherine, on Gore Park.



The lobby, with three huge chandeliers, welcomes guests into a beautiful building. Moulding and column details display the older motifs of the historic hotel.


It is an exciting time for the revitalization of downtown Hamilton. More information of purchasing a unit can be found here.

If you are involved other historic-building-like-projects that you think Tyler would be interested in covering on his show, email him at


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