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If you didn’t know, McMaster has an awesome planetarium!


Planetariums are super-cool and, if you’re around McMaster/West Hamilton, you may not have known that this fascinating gem has been hiding under our noses. 

The McMaster planetarium, like all others, provides a projection of a simulation of the sky in it’s most visible form. The planetarium uses data from thousands of telescopes worldwide to construct a simulated reality of what the sky would like like if there was no light population. It can even simulate things not visible to humans, like other solar systems.

It is housed inside of the Burke Science Building at McMaster. A detailed directions page, including a campus map, can be found by clicking here.

Public shows are held every Wednesday, focusing on different topics, presented by passionate astronomers. For instance, the June 11 show is all about eclipses. 

The space can also be booked privately and for things like group trips and school field trips. Info on booking here



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