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CFMU proudly presents: Everybody Dance Now: Songs from Hamilton, Volume 9


CFMU is pleased to announce that the ninth edition of Everybody Dance Now: Songs from Hamilton is here. We are thrilled with this year’s musical line-up of Hamilton’s own bands, DJs and singer-songwriters. 

This double-disc set features great songs by 41 local artists, and features everything from electronic to hip-hop; pop to folk rock. Volume 9 is being released in conjunction with Welcome Week 2014 and Super Crawl. As per every year, the disc will not be for sale, but offered free in limited quantities. It will also be distributed to national press and radio in order to give these amazing Hamilton artists more exposure nation-wide.

To pick up a free copy, visit the 93.3 CFMU FM live broadcast booth at Super Crawl on Sept. 13th.

It’s a great primer on what the Hamilton music scene has to offer, from Mac bands (Of Gentlemen & Cowards) to Mac alumni (Arkells) as well as Polaris Prize nominees, internationally known acts, and local up-and-comers.

Here is what to expect: 






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