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CFMU’s live broadcast of Super Crawl was awesome!

Over the weekend, more than 100,000 people took to a closed-to-traffic James Street North and made Super Crawl the biggest it has ever been. There was great music, great art and delicious food. If you missed it, you should be sorry. Click here to realize all that you didn’t get to experience.

CFMU is was busy too! Jamie Tennant and Lindsay Hamilton, along with Kristen Archer and Ben Robinson hosted an awesome, six-hour on-location broadcast known as the SuperCast. They were busy and it went by like a blur. Therefore, here’s a recap:

Right off the top CFMU sat down with Max Kerman of Arkells. The Arkells may be Hamilton’s biggest band right now. A huge crowd came out for their Super Crawl show on Friday night; estimates range from 30,000 to 50,000. Click here to hear more. 

Leo Johnson from Empowerment Squared dropped by to talk about his amazing organization. This great group changes lives by doing everything from running after-school programs to building a library in Liberia. It’s incredible. Click here for more info. 


Lenore Lukasik-Foss also came on the air to discuss SACHA: Sexual Assault Centre to talk about their work and vision in promoting anti-racist and anti-oppressive values. This is a great service provider in downtown Hamilton. Click here


Artist Marco D’Andrea joined the broadcast for a few minutes, stepping away from a showing of his fabulous work. He spoke about his art and how people at Super Crawl were responding. More on his work here.


Terra Lightfoot was in attendance! The great musical artist was very busy over the weekend playing solo and in collaboration with The Dinner Belles. She makes beautiful music, check it out.


The always tenacious Lee Reed joined our hosts for the broadcast. He is a self-described MC, poet, educator and agitator. He preformed with Canadian Winter on the Super Crawl main stage. More on Lee Reed.


Next up, a couple music-lovers came on the air to talk about Hamilton’s music industry and the upcoming Juno Awards. Canada’s biggest music awards are coming to Hamilton in the Spring of 2015. Jacqueline Norton (Music & Film Office) and Scott Warren (Core Entertainment) jumped in to talk about it all.


We were pleased to have The Operators down to the Homegrown Hamilton broadcast booth. They were featured on the main stage of Super Crawl. This unique trio blends talented vocals with electronic brilliance. This link will show you more. 


Two more artists came by- Super Crawl featured tons of installations from talented Hamiton artists. Ariel and Petra make up the artistic duo titled Kirke. Their installation this year is called The Cocoon, which provided an interactive and introverted experience within the middle of Super Crawl. You can hear even more about it here.


Rein Ende was also on hand to talk about the Hamilton Mundialization Committee. This council advises the City of Hamilton on building relationships with other cities around the world and supporting peace initiatives. The also present the World Citizenship Award.


We were also in the company of Canadian Winter, a hip-hop duo hailing from the great white north. Their album Snowball Effect is their latest offering.


Rob and Laura from the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra stopped by too! The HPO does great things for Hamilton. Offering world-class concerts and training for expert musicians and listeners is just one. They also have activities and education for all ages, ranging from tiny-tots to seniors. It was a privilege to talk with the HPO.


Ryan Ferguson was on hand representing the AGH World Film Festival.  This festival, taking place from Sept. 26th to Oct. 5th, will feature great films from around the world. Click on the link to look into getting tickets and read the lineup of films.


Sean Burak was on the broadcast too. He works for SoBi Hamilton, the company that will run Hamilton Bike Share. They are set to bring hundred of pay-per-use bikes to the city. Read about it here.


Interval House’s Annie Horton sat down with James and Lindsay as well. Annie spoke about how awesome Interval House is. They’re doing great things in Hamilton, from maintaining a 24 hours crisis line and shelter to offering counselling and help finding housing. They do it all. Check it out. 



Finally, Jag from WTCHS and Jason Rule from CFMU’s Astral Traveling were in the booth (so to speak) talking about music. WTCHS is an up-and-coming Hamilton music-maker who is features on CFMU’s EDN: Songs From Hamilton 9. Listen to some of their stuff here.


Wow, what a Super day!


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