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Are Internships Worth It? DeGroote Interns Say Yes

Hamilton Ontario Internships

Internships have received a lot of bad press lately. Among others, articles in Forbes and New York Times have declared that they are not worth the time, don’t pay off, and are often made up of make work tasks like getting coffee for the higher ups. Morning File host, Tyler Welch talked with four McMaster students that disagree.

The four recent interns he spoke with had internships as part of their studies with the Degroote School of Business and found the experience both challenging and rewarding. These recent interns all worked at large firms in jobs that had much higher responsibilities than they expected going in. They talk with Tyler about how these internships benefited them, the pros and cons of having an internship, and why they feel that the internships that they have had will help them in securing a job in the future.

Listen to the full audio here to see what they had to say:


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