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How do I improve my time management skills?

In university, and afterwards in real life, the ability to manage your time and get everything done with minutes to spare is vital to survival and success.

Knowing this, we had Jennifer Meister on Morningfile to talk about how to get better at time management and to connect us with resources at McMaster that can help.


She had a number of suggestions for improvement and made some interesting points.

The first step is recognizing that you have a problem

If you realize that you are lacking in the time management department, then at least you know it! After admitting that there’s even a concern, you’ve got to narrow down what, specifically, you need to improve on (scheduling, wasting time, working slowly etc).

Time management skills are important for real life, not just school 

You may think you should work on your skills so that you get better grades but that’s only the beginning. Teaching yourself good skills and habits can benefit you for the rest of your life.

There are places that can help

Academic skills coaches at the Student Success Centre can sit down with students and help them formulate a plan. The Student Success Centre has tons of great resources. Check out their site.

Use what you’ve got 

Use your other habits to help in time management. If you’re addicted to your smart phone, use that as your schedule.

Think short and long-term

Planning out your days is great but it if you aren’t thinking in the short-term and the long-term at the same time, things will fall through the cracks.

Click below to listen to the interview. Find out how early to start studying for exams, how long an essay should take and see if Jennifer has always been a time-management pro.


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