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Top 10 McMaster News of Stories 2014

Andrew Terefenko, The Silhouette’s Executive Editor, came on Morningfile to discuss the ten biggest McMaster news stories of 2014. Below is the top ten ranking:

Click on the Mixcloud link to listen to the countdown in full.

10) Degroote survey hacked; Commerce Society executive fired (1:03)

9) Spotted @ Mac “reports” sexual assault (5:17)

8) Sets of protesters storm & disrupt two separate lectures (11:40)

7) Teddy Saull proposed MSU surplus spending of year-end celebration/concert (14:27)

6) Provincial & municipal elections occur in Hamilton (16:48)

5) Mac football team loses national championship in heart-breaker (19:40)

4) Palestine/Israel debate takes over MSU General Assembly (22:30)

3) McMaster student Tyler Johnson is murdered (27:22)

2) MSU Presidential elections end is unforeseen upset of pre-race favourite Brodka (30:20)

1) McMaster Engineering’s Redsuits erupts into songbook scandal (39:40)


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