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Want to start a company in Hamilton? The Innovation Factory knows just what you need to do

David Carter is the Executive Director of Innovation Factory, a centre that gives entrepreneurs help commercializing their ideas and setting up companies. Tyler spoke with him on Morningfile about entrepreneurship in Hamilton, what his organization can offer and the business market in our city. Click below to listen in:

Carter focuses a lot on connecting the right people. He says there are many times when a personal who has a great idea needs to connect with someone else who is great with marketing or with finances. There are very few companies that begin purely with the skill set of one person. Very few people truly know it all

Connecting with investors is also important, and the Innovation Factory does that. However, Carter stresses that entrepreneurs need to be ready before meeting with big players. They need to know their product and the marketplace and have a business plan.

Innovation Factory helps no matter what stage of business you’re in. Whether you only have an idea, or you’ve been running the company for some time already, IF tells you what the next step is an coaches you through it.

Visit their website by clicking here.

Click on the Mixcloud link above to hear the interview and listen to what Carter has to say about Hamilton’s start-up environment and more.


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