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It’s taxes season, and we’re here to help!

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February is coming. That means we’re getting into the thick of tax season. For many, this may be a scary time (You don’t really “get” taxes) and for others, you not care at all (my parents will take care of it). Of course, there is a whole other category too (“What?! I have to pay taxes?).

This  week on Common Cents, Tyler sat down with Gina Robinson of the Student Success Centre at McMaster and talked about taxes and what students can do to prepare for and conquer tax season. Click the play button below to hear the whole conversation and check out the links below that for helpful resources.

Click here to visit the Canada Revenue Agency’s official website. They’ll take you through a step-by-step of which documents you’ll need, how to submit everything online, and get it all done in an efficient manner.

Click here to check out Mac’s Money Centre, featuring tons of helpful contents and tools. Click here and you’ll go straight to the section on taxes.


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