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Album Review: The Weather Station – What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know?


My favourite record released in October 2014 was The Weather Station’s beautiful EP “What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know?”

This past summer I had a chance to see the Weather Station perform in Gravenhurst in a small Anglican cathedral. As Tamara settled in beneath the apse to play through many of the songs that would eventually be included on her EP, the church was almost in complete darkness. With just a small amount of backlight Tamara’s silhouette was all the audience could make out.

About the same is true of her EP. It’s hushed and understated and dimly lit. Like the cover suggests, much of Lindeman is left hidden in the shadows even by the end of the album. The beauty of the record though, lies in what does come through despite the restraint with which it’s delivered.

Across two three-song acts Lindeman meditates on the nature of knowledge and outlines the course a romantic relationship takes with an unmatched poignancy. Her lyrical observations are at once effortless and keen as she imagines the way someone might age, singing “I dreamed of grey, how it would come to your hair” and tries to piece together a friend’s identity from the contents of their house as she confesses “I went through their records, they had piles of bills and letters and all these photographs of people I would never meet.”

For all of the questioning and investigation Lindeman does on “What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know?” it seems there aren’t many answers to be found. People remain difficult to understand and the contours of her life remain as ambiguous as they were at the outset. However, this EP seems to signal that Lindeman has embraced the tension of not knowing. She has switched out her previous agile, banjo-focused compositions for down-tempo songs like “Don’t Understand” featuring soft pedal steel and gently brushed snare drums suggesting Lindeman has developed a new patience for these mysteries.

And so, as the record fades out, the narrator is “heading back with one question less” and we too haven’t been given much resolution, but perhaps that’s alright.


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