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5 things to do in Hamilton when it’s really stinkin’ cold!

In case you didn’t notice, it’s crazy-cold out there! Winter is really settling in and, I’m sure, it will last longer than we’d hope. However, it’s not all gloom and doom. In fact, there are a few ways to actually make winter enjoyable! Hamilton has a lot to offer all year ’round and wintertime is no exception. Here are five things you can do in Hamilton when it’s really stinkin’ cold:

1) Visit a frozenMLP-HamiltonWaterfalls-009 waterfall 

Hamilton is known as the waterfall capital of Canada with more than 100 separate waterfalls within city limits. If you think hiking to a tumbling cascade of H2O is only a summer thing, you’d be wrong- it’s even “cool” in the wintertime. Grab some friends and family and take a hike. A frozen waterfall really is a beautiful thing. For more photos, click here. 

2) Stay in and watch Netflix 670px-Save-a-Relationship-Step-9Bullet1

This is a fantastic all-seasons activity but it is especially nice to escape the cold; grab a blanket and your favourite TV snack (Peanut M&Ms…Om nom nom) and immerse yourself in Downton Abbey or something.

20130114-131353-g3) Go skating 

Carving up the ice is a fun activity for beginners and professionals alike. Hamilton hosts plenty of places to wear your blades. Bayfront Park has an outdoor rink that is open all winter just outside of the William’s Fresh Cafe and you can click here to see the schedules for all of the skating arenas in the city.


4) Warm up with some delicious Hamilton food

There are delicious and unique restaurants all over the city. Their hot meals will warm you up from the winter`s cold, plus leave your taste-buds satisfied. We recommend grabbing a burger at The Ship, soup at The Burnt Tongue, or pulled pork at the Thirsty Cactus. Yummy!

5) Curl up with a good book 

One could go on and on about the virtues of a good book and some alone time. Maybe there`s a book you`ve been meaning to read for a while or maybe not. Either way, grab a good one, nestle inside a warm building and go to town. I mean, why not, it`s so cold! Head to the Public Library branch closest to you, or to a local bookstore.



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