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Album Review: Milo Greene – Control

Milo-Greene-Control-Leaked-Album (1)

Here is a British man wearing a monocle. He is charming, well-read and extremely cultured. As an albino, his chops and sideburns are a pleasure to see.

This is the fictitious booking agent created by Los Angeles band Milo Greene. When the quintet first exploded onto the scene in 2012 with hit singles “1957” and “What’s The Matter” their soft yet powerful, self-described, “cinematic pop” tunes captured the hearts of many. With the release of their self-directed video “Moddison”, named after the ninth track on their debut LP, the group established themselves as strong visual and musical artists. “…[W]e wanted to create music that we could potentially see being placed in movies and TV” stated female vocalist Marlana Sheetz in a 2013 interview with CBS News.

Now presenting the sequel, entitled “Control”. In the scene “White Lie”, we find ourselves building up the courage to stop a crumbling relationship filled with secrets and excuses. Fast forward to “Save Yourself”, we are now trying to prevent a similar detrimental relationship from beginning once again, but that will inevitably occur. In “Heartless” we try to overcome an enveloping apathy.

Whether or not control is finally achieved by the protagonist of Milo Greene’s sophomore album, the feeling of loss that was omnipresent in the debut self-titled record matured to a subtle assertion that translates into heavier guitars and more powerful vocals. The strength in Sheetz’s voice has risen her from subtle harmonies to a prominent and key figure to the dynamics of the group. We also hear more of the various voices from the group, truly weaving the intricate story they’ve written the score to. My favourites include the trademark guitar riffs in tandem with Sheetz’s vulnerable assertions in “White Lie” and the ultimate release of control in pacifying “Royal Blue”.

There are not many groups who can change the style of their sound but keep their original essence. In addition to having recently having been on tour with Bombay Bicycle Club, Milo Greene’s talented cinematic originality and undeniably captivating songwriting will have control over your records. Check out the trailer:


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