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Great ideas for a Valentine’s Day in Hamilton

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful and romantic time for you and your significant other (S.O.) Sure, it’s a made-up holiday where lots of people spend lots of money but it can also be used for good. Have a good time, enjoy one another’s company, do something nice, it’ll be fun.

But what if you’re new to Hamilton or you’ve never put yourself outside of the Westdale bubble, what can Hamilton offer you? You came to the right place. Here are some fun Valentine’s Day options in Hamilton:

1) FOOD! 

aberdeen-tavernThere is almost nothing better (with a S.O. or otherwise) than good food. Hamilton has plenty of restaurants that can make your Valentine’s Day a little extra special. The Aberdeen Tavern and Shakespeare’s are really good, slightly upper-scale, venues for that once-a-year treat. For the more strapped-for-cash couple, James Street North and Augusta Street have offerings that still provide good food and good ambiance. Also, some people think Big Macs are romantic, right?

Pro tip: Want some delicious Valentine’s chocolate? Check out Walker’s Chocolate in Westdale.

2) ENTERTAINMENT! B821651446Z.1_20140629171430_000_GLV197TV7.2_Content

It’s fun to have a nice night out. Sure, you can stay in and watch Netflix or go to the movies. Maybe you’ll go dancing at some club. There are, however, other options. Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club, Theatre Aquarius and The Player’s Guild of Hamilton all have shows on Valentine’s Day and throughout the weekend. Try something new!



Sometimes it can be fun to get out in the world and do something for Valentine’s. Your significant other might appreciate the change of pace from the usual lounging, studying and watching T.V. There are so many options. There are date-night classics like bowling and skating. But you could also go for a nice winter hike or snowshoe trek, check out some art, or go shopping in the unique Westdale Village or Locke Street areas.

We don’t claim to be experts, these are just some tips. It’s really all we can offer. Best of luck and enjoy the weekend!


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