MSU VP (Administration) Jacob Brodka plays the CFMU dating game

CFMU played host to an all-in-good-fun version of the popular 1960s, 70s, and 80s game show, The Dating Game.

Three women were in the on-air studio talking over the phone to Jacob Brodka. He was responsible for asking them questions and, upon hearing their answers, had to choose which woman he was most intrigued by. He was in a completely different room and had never seen the girls in-person before.

If you had to be any animal, which would you be? What would you bring to a deserted island? Tough questions!

Listen to the whole segment below and check out the photos of each “contestant” and the “winner”.

Disclaimer: Really, it is just a for-fun Valentine’s Day segment. We made every effort to ensure no one was objectified or anything dumb like that.   


photo 2

Savannah (left), Emily (right) and Jocelyn (below) bravely took the challenge and each responded to Jacob’s questions honestly.

photo 1


Jacob met them all after their radio segment. Below, with Jocelyn.



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