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Volunteers are cleaning up Hamilton alleyways!


Hamilton has some alleys that are nice: great places to bike, walk and make your way around town. However, a large majority of lower city alleyways are quite unattractive. There are peices of garbage, fluids, needles, who knows what.

One man, Carlos Pinho teamed up with another Hamilton-lover Brenda Duke. Together, they are organizing a crew of hundreds of volunteers to clean up alleyways in the city.

Listen to the team discuss their motivation, the obstacles of such an ambitious endevour, and how people can get involved on their upcoming cleaning day, April 18th.


2 thoughts on “Volunteers are cleaning up Hamilton alleyways!

  1. I’d like to know who owns the building in the photo?? says slumlord all over it…. it could be the first in the WALL OF SHAME!

  2. Kudos to the one’s cleaning up someone else’s mess ❤ Where has our pride gone people…. if people started respecting themselves… maybe they would respect their environment and their own community 🙂

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