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6 Tips to Landing a Summer Job


1. Start Early
Basically, if you haven’t started yet, start now. Many companies offer summer employment to University students, with applications opening as early as January. The earlier you start looking, the more opportunities there will be available to you. Fortunately, for those of you who are just now recovering from the chaos that is University life, there are still jobs open well into April, and even May for jobs starting  later in the summer.

2. Give Hamilton a Try
It’s a shame that students often leave Hamilton during the summer months. With over 100 waterfalls to visit and Music and Cultural Festivals happening almost every week, it certainly is a summer hotspot. Mosaic is an excellent source for summer jobs, especially for positions on campus and even in Hamilton. You can access the job portal here under Career Opportunities.

3. Use Online Search Engines
While Hamilton is great, positions on Campus, and in a University city like Hamilton, can be quite competitive. It is important to broaden your job search, and try visiting any one of the many online job sites. Maclean’s Magazine came up with a list of 10 different sites that have new job postings daily – check them out here!

4. Use Your Networks
So many jobs aren’t advertised, or advertised early enough. In many cases, they’re given to the boss’s nephew, or the girl that just happened to offer her résumé at a time when the employer was thinking of hiring. The point is, you should ask around – talk to your friends, talk to your family, and find out if they know anyone who is looking to hire a summer student.

5. Spend Time On Your Cover Letter
While you might want to spend all your time applying to as many jobs as possible, this isn’t always the best strategy. You are better off spending more time on each application, and making sure that your cover letters stands out. Having a few well written cover letters for the jobs you really want is a better tactic than dealing out numerous generic applications.

6. Be Ready For the Interview
So you’ve spent weeks applying to jobs, and finally you hear back about an interview. While you’re excited, this is probably when the nerves kick in. Are you ready? Try doing mock interviews with a friend, parent or mentor. Although they’re practice, you should always prep for your mock interviews. Think of different questions an employer may ask, and work out your responses appropriately. Employers may not ask you those same questions, but at least you will have some experiences fresh in your mind to draw upon.


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