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Create a Company in 36 Hours!

11181310_840014242742270_2442635983950052141_nSpectrum is an extracurricular program that began in September 2014, with a goal to support and develop McMaster students interested in entrepreneurship. The program runs various events throughout the year, and its first 3-day conference, Spectrum Summer Startup, will be held on May 29-31.

Participants of the conference will have the opportunity to learn at workshops, be guided by various mentors, and build a company, in all of 36 hours! The best part of the event? It’s completely free. Oh, and there are some awesome prizes to be won.

Ready to sign up for it? You can register here. Feel like you need to know more about what’s going on? A full agenda for the weekend can be found on their website.

Ingie got a chance to sit down with Justin Policarpio from Spectrum to talk about the conference. Click on the link below to listen in on the conversation.


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