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Painting Hamilton Green with the Street Tree Project

IMG_6741The Street Tree Project has seen two successful years, and Harshal Patel will be leading its third as the 2015 Street Tree Project Coordinator. Ingie got a chance to sit down with him and chat about how he plans to paint Hamilton green.

The Street Tree Project is an initiative of OPIRG McMaster, based off of Hamilton’s currently funded Street Tree Program. The goal of both is to get as many trees planted in Hamilton neighborhoods as possible, making the city greener, and ultimately improving the environmental quality of the city.

The project has two main steps: first the Street Tree Project team reaches out to homeowners to get them to request trees, and then the city of Hamilton goes on to plant the trees in the fall and spring.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the program and help make a positive impact on Hamilton communities, contact the Street Tree Project team via email (, phone (905-525-9140 ext. 26026), or by coming in to the OPIRG McMaster Resource Centre (MUSC 229).

Click on the link below to hear more from Harshal himself on why the program is so important to the city.


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