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YWCA Up For Debate: The Alliance for Women’s Rights

11077676_820972671327805_5297700401967799193_oThe YWCA is setting up a discussion tomorrow as part of the ‘Up For Debate‘ movement, encouraging people across the country to create a dialogue about the issues that matter to women in Canada.

The fact is that while more women than men turned out to vote in the 2011 federal election, the issues relevant to women and girls were not publicly debated by leaders.

The goal of this campaign is for all political parties to make meaningful commitments to change women’s lives for the better.

At the Hamilton event tomorrow, the YMCA will have speakers talking about a range of topics, including: ending violence against women, ending women’s economic inequality in the workplace, supporting women’s leadership and organizations, housing and homelessness issues impacting women in Hamilton, and ensuring affordable childcare.

If you’re interested in helping create a dialogue for any of these topics, check out the event details below:
Date: May 27, 2015
Time: 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: Hamilton Public Library (4th floor)
55 York Boulevard

You can get your free tickets to the event here. Complimentary childcare and transportation (in the form of bus tickets) are also available by contacting

Check out the sound clip below to hear about the event from Denise Christopherson, the CEO of YWCA Hamilton.


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