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Walk A Mile In Her Shoes on June 18!

11424726_953369768018348_6016331466852965262_nOn Thursday June 18, the MSU will be partaking in the 6th annual, Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event, put on by the YWCA Hamilton.

The purpose of Walk a Mile is to raise funds for YWCA Hamilton’s Transitional Living Program and to raise awareness on women’s poverty and homelessness, and violence against women.

Participants of the event will strut and stumble through Gore Park, inevitably raising some eyebrows and awareness on the cause. The YWCA needs your help to educate fellow Hamiltonians about issues affecting women in our community.

To register for the event, or donate to the cause, just head to the event`s website. You can also register to be apart of the MSU team by going to the team page.

The YWCA visited McMaster just last week so that the MSU team can try on their shiny red heels. Check out some of the photos from the photo shoot below.




11329867_953370004684991_597222461940868488_nIf you enjoyed those, you should check out the video the MSU Board put together to challenge others to walk the walk down Gore Park next week.

Katelyn Wuilleme, Development Coordinator for Special Events and Community Fundraising at the YWCA, also came on on the morningfile to talk a bit more about Walk A Mile In Her Shoes. To hear from her why you should get involved, check out the sound clip below.


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