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TVO Kid’s Giver brings Hammer Park to Hamilton!

Giver host Michael Lagimodiere demonstrating how to use a power toolTVOKids’ Giver is in its third season, and has finally made a stop in Hamilton. Giver is a popular live-action children’s series that features kids who volunteer their time to help to build playgrounds in their communities.

On Monday, June 15 at 6:30 pm, tune in to TVOKids and watch 6 kids from Hamilton help build Hammer Park. The playground is currently open to the public, and can be found at 53 Birch Avenue at Harvey Street.

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Ingie Metwally had the opportunity to sit down with one of the kids on the Morningfile, Jamie, age 9, who shared his enthusiasm about the show and his experiences helping build the playground.

She also chatted with Supervising Producer and Director Kristen McGregor, about how Giver helps get kids involved in their communities, while also teaching them new skills along the way.

You can listen in on both conversations by clicking on the sound clips below. To find out more about Giver, you can check out the TVO website, the TVOKids website, the Giver Facebook page, or the Season 3 trailer.


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