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Ditching Prom for Nepal


Today on the morningfile, Ingie Metwally sat down with Ashley Yu to talk about why she chose to ditch her prom for Nepal.

The outstanding 17-year old high school student from Ancaster has been a member of the YWCA Hamilton’s Young Women’s Advisory Council for the past two years now, and has constantly been involved in various types of philanthropic work.

Most recently, Ashley started a fundraiser to help raise money for victims of the April 25th earthquake in Nepal.

A few weeks ago her story was buzzing, but her fundraising efforts are still well underway. Ashley has helped raise $1500 so far, and is aiming to raise at least another $500 by next Thursday, June 25, the day of her high school graduation.

If you’re interested in helping Ashley out with this cause, visit her go fund me page before next Thursday.

Listen to the sound clip below to hear from Ashley why this is such an important and worthy cause, and how you can make a difference, whoever you are.


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