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The CASTLE Project

13997_369955589787851_1351875635_nDid you know that individuals living in certain areas of Hamilton have significantly lower life expectancy than others? Some as low as 20 years less than the average. Research shows that this is due to the barriers that these people may face in accessing important health services, such as cancer screening.

This is where the CASTLE project comes in. The CASTLE project is a public health partnership currently being funded by the Hamilton Community Foundation, involving both the McMaster University School of Nursing and the Hamilton Public Health Services.

CASTLE works with communities to raise awareness on healthcare and important free tests that can look for early signs of breast, colon, and cervical cancer. This is done through a CASTLE Community Health Broker that is a trusted and well connected member of the10999881_780684315381641_9083241159154615622_n community.

Ingie Metwally sat down with CASTLE Community Health Broker Rebecca Doll (on right in photo) on the morningfile to talk about the project, the work she’s been doing, and how others can get involved.

Check out the sound clip below to learn more about CASTLE, or check them out on FacebookTwitter, or their website. You can also contact them directly by emailing


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