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HamJam 2015: Hamilton’s first game jam!

11393376_1445327179103813_4557691058254875602_oIn less than two weeks Hamiltonians will be able to experience Hamilton’s first ever game jam, HamJam 2015! Excited? Want all the details? Wondering just what a game jam is? Keep on reading to find out.

A game jam is an event where participants are given a theme, and challenged to make a game within a designated time period – usually 48 hours. Meagan Byrne has organized Hamilton’s first game jam, taking place at McMaster Innovation Park from 6 pm on July 31st, to 6 pm on August 6th.

Possibly the best part? Everyone is welcome and the event is completely free, you just need to register online at Eventbrite.

Intrigued? Click on the sound clip below to hear more from Meagan on the workings of a game jam and game design. You can also check out Game Jam Hamilton on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.


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