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The Academy of All Things Awesome


Do you ever just want to get out there in Hamilton and do something cool? Experience something you’ve never done before? I’m guessing the answer is yes, and if so, the Academy of All Things Awesome is for you!

Founder of the academy, Erika McMeekin, came on the morningfile yesterday to talk about her new initiative in the city. She is an educator who believes that learning comes from all of the awesome experiences that people have, and the cool stuff people do just because they love doing them.

Erika wants to encourage people to take on experiences that get them out in the community doing stuff, meeting people, and having fun. Experiences that might spark an interest, ignite a passion, or just show us something new!

The Academy of Awesome was recently launched with the Hamilton Flea this month, and its upcoming events include Beyonce dance classes – aka Beyography, a collage workshop, and a mixtape exchange.

For tickets to any of the events, visit the academy’s website. You can find out more about the academy by checking out the website as well, or following the Facebook and Twitter pages. Check out the sound clip below to hear from Erika herself, and find out some of her favourite things in Hamilton!


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