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Is Barton the new James?


Barton Street has long been perceived as an area to be avoided in Hamilton, but restaurant owner James Kayser argues that that shouldn’t be the case.

Kayser and his wife opened up the Butcher And The Vegan just a few months ago, at the corner of Barton and John, with the goal of bringing people together by meeting all kinds of dietary needs.

The restaurant is dedicated to providing delicious and nutritious meals, made with local, farm-to-table, unrefined foods.

Kayser and his team also aim to help build up the community by offering unique entertainment and educational experiences.

Which brings us to Kayser’s newest initiative, BARTCrawl, which he started with Nickelbrook Brewery. Similar to Art Crawl on James Street North, the event features music, art, food, and drinks.

The first BARTCrawl occurred just last month, with the motto, “For those who crawl further.” The second crawl is planned for is this Saturday, August 29, at 2 pm.

Kayser and others that see Barton’s potential are aware of the obstacles that are there, but also recognize that areas like James Street and Locke street were not always as vibrant and active as they are today.

So maybe Barton is the new James, and maybe you should visit the area and find out!

Kayser came on the morningfile yesterday to chat with host Ingie Metwally about the restaurant, Barton’s potential, and the happenings of BARTCrawl. Check out the full interview below.

For more information on Butcher and The Vegan or BARTCrawl, check out the restaurant website, or find them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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