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Soc Sci presents: “Netflix and Chill” …and other things

1274692_410030772434338_767896290_oWith the 2015-2016 school year starting up so soon, Ingie Metwally had Daymon Oliveros and Marina Sadik from the McMaster Social Sciences Society (MSSS) come on the morningfile to chat about what they have in store for students in the social sciences this year.

As Welcome Week Planner for the MSSS, Daymon covered the various Welcome Week events, such as Faculty Fest – which is new this year and has a large academic focus, Faculty Night, Soc Sci presents “Neftlix and Chill”, and more!

Marina shared some of the MSSS’s newer initiatives, such as their Survival Guide for first year students, their new style of family mentorship, and the “I Am Soc Sci” campaign coming up.

Check out the sound clip below if you’re interested in learning more from these two lovely humans! You can also find out more about the MSSS on their website, FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

*Please note that the MSSS Mentorship Family application is due on September 20 at 11:59 pm and can be found here.


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