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CoMotion on King: Hamilton’s Largest Coworking Space


CoMotion on King is Hamilton’s newest and largest coworking space, with 39 glass window offices, 26 dedicated and shared desks, 3 meeting rooms, mailbox services, a kitchen space, lounge areas, a large event space, a beautiful rooftop patio, and a variety of other little nooks, crannies, and decor features meant to inspire collaboration, productivity, and creativity.

CoMotion on King serves as a workplace for varying professionals, from individual entrepreneurs looking for a single desk, or existing firms looking to book multiple offices.

Interested in checking it out? You can book a tour today, or stop by the office for a day pass.

One of CoMotion on King‘s founders, Chad Fullerton, came on the Morningfile last week to chat with Ingie Metwally about the benefits of coworking, how CoMotion on King came about, and the perks of working at a shared workspace located in the heart of downtown Hamilton.

Check out the sound clip below to listen to the full interview. To find out more about CoMotion on King, you can check them out on their website, or on Facebook and Twitter.


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