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Why should you join Shinerama?


If you go to Mac and were around campus during Welcome Week, you probably have heard about Shinerama more than a few times.

In the unlikely case that you are wondering what exactly Shinerama is, let me tell you. It is Canada’s largest post-secondary fundraiser in support of Cystic Fibrosis Canada, and over the years has become an integral part of orientation week for students across the country.

Last year McMaster’s Shinerama campaign raised almost $180,000 and became the top fundraising school in Canada, setting an all time record. This year’s goal was set at $160,000 and we are currently sitting at about $142,000, with more fundraising efforts still to come.

While Shinerama‘s impact on cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and its contributions to Cystic Fibrosis Canada are most important and often discussed, its impact on student life is rarely highlighted. Drew Dudley, a Shinerama alumni, came on the morningfile to chat about how Shinerama kick-started his career and helped him develop his leadership skills.

Check out the sound clip below to listen to the full interview. If you recognize his voice, you’ve probably seen his TED talk on everyday leadership – and if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you watch it now.

For more information on McMaster’s Shinerama campaign, feel free to check out their page on the MSU website, find them on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the Coordinator, Riley Armstrong, at or (905) 525-9140 ext.26575.


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