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The Muse: Sharing personal stories from the healthcare community

The Muse is an up and coming student-run publication started by second-year McMaster student and Editor-in-Chief, Anna Goshua. Anna says she thought of the idea while studying for an organic chemistry exam last year, but the initiative has really begun to come to life over the summer months.

What Anna and her team are aiming to do with this magazine is highlight the personal experiences and reflections of individuals in the healthcare field, going beyond the science. They feel that the emotional aspects of working in health care need to be shared, as they can often be neglected.

They hope to expose some of the mental health issues prevalent in the field, while also providing various perspectives on what it’s really like to be middle of it all – whether as a volunteer, student, healthcare professional, or patient.

Anna and the publication’s Managing Editor, Irina Sverdlichenko, came on the Morningfile to chat about how people can get involved (writing, graphics, etc.), their vision for The Muse, and the impact they hope to have on their readers.

Check out the sound clip below to listen to the full interview. You can also find The Muse on Facebook for more information, or contact them directly at or


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