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Start the Cycle: Bringing you the first bike libraries in Canada

CQWRzfTU8AA4zH7Canadian youth these days are more inactive than ever, and a few students at McMaster are trying to fix this. Charles Burke, Justin Hall, and Shiloh Covey created a non-profit startup that aims to strategically develop a cycling culture from the ground up.

Start the Cycle is the first social innovation of its kind, providing bike libraries to Hamilton youth and colleges and universities. The organization partners with librarians to create the bike libraries so that students can check out a bike just as they would a book. At McMaster University and Mohawk College, it is free for students and staff to use and all it requires is a student card to borrow a bike!

McMaster has two bike libraries – one running out of Mills Library and another out of Thode Library, and individuals can check out bikes for up to 48 hours.

While Start the Cycle is only on two campuses at the moment, they are hoping to expand to Guelph this year, and continue to grow in the next couple of years.

Shiloh Covey, the Executive Director, came on the Morningfile to chat with Ingie Metwally about how the bike share works, what their ultimate goals are, and their hopes of expansion. Check out the sound clip below for the full interview.

You can also find out more about Start the Cycle by checking out their website, or following them on Facebook or Twitter.

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