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#MACMUN2016: One Campus. United Nations.


This past weekend marks the launch of #MACMUN2016 – McMaster’s first Model United Nations Conference.

If you’re a student at McMaster, you’ve probably already seen the lawn signs spread around campus, got an invite to the event page on Facebook, or maybe even got the chance to see their cool promo video.

And yet, you still might be wondering… what is #MACMUN2016? McMaster Model United Nations is a simulation of a real United Nations conference. Delegates will represent countries and debate on their behalf on global issues related to water security and sustainable development.

The conference is completely FREE, but seats are limited. Registration is open until November 13, 2015, and all you have to do is fill out the application form found here.

Ingie Metwally had Yasmeen Abdelkhalek, one of the host’s of #MACMUN2016, on the Morningfile yesterday to chat about how #MACMUN2016 came about, why students should sign up, and more! Check out the sound clip below to listen to the full interview.

You can find out more about #MACMUN2016 by checking out their website or Facebook page. If you have any questions, you can message the group on Facebook or email


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