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So you think you have style? #SAM


Style at Mac (SAM) is a fresh, fun, and fashion-focused club that aims to highlight the unique and original styles of individuals on the McMaster campus and in the Hamilton community.

SAM strives to encourage individuality expressed through personal style choices. They believe that being fashionable doesn’t always appear in the conventional sense, and that’s evident in their fashion blog.

Co-Op student Destiny Torrington interviewed Belicia Chung, president of SAM, on the Morningfile, and the two chatted about what Style at Mac has to offer, their annual fashion show, and the value of being comfortable expressing your individuality through fashion.

Check out the sound clip below to hear the full interview. You can also follow SAM on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to find our more about the club, and be sure to visit their blog as well.

Interested in Belicia’s own personal style? Follow her on Instagram or check out her Youtube channel for some awesome vlogs.


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