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CFMU Spotlight: 6 things to know about the Morningfile

CFMUSpotlightThis week, the CFMU spotlight is on the show Morningfile! We interviewed host Ingie Metwally to find out more about the segment.

Talia: How long have you had the show?
Ingie: I’ve been hosting since around May, but I think the show has been running for about three years.

Is the show music or spoken word? What music and topics does the show usually cover?
It’s half and half really. The music we play is mainly local or Canadian and we like to play more recent releases but sometimes we’ll play some old favourites. The interviews cover a range of topics, like arts and culture, community, charity, business, politics, and academics. There’s an emphasis on supporting the local and serving both the McMaster and Hamilton communities.

How does a normal show usually run?
We usually do two interviews a show. So we’ll start by playing a couple songs, then we’ll interview someone for about 10-20 minutes, play a bit more music, and do another interview for 10-20 minutes, and usually finish off with a song.

Who is the coolest or more interesting person you’ve interviewed so far?
That’s hard to say. Usually when people ask me that question I’ll immediately think of the last person I interviewed! Like Ivory Hours was a cool interview to do, we interviewed them last week before their show at the Casbah. But earlier in the summer I also got to interview Alex Parent, who was a Pan-Am torchbearer, and the stories that he had to share about his experiences were pretty cool as well.

Could you describe your show in three words?
Community. Local. Shared-experience.

Why should people tune in?
People should tune in if they want to know what’s going on and if they think it’s cool to find out things that are happening near-by.

Morningfile runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 to 10 am. Ingie Metwally hosts the show on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Sana Khawaja hosts on Thursdays. Wake up to a fresh dose of the cool things happening in McMaster and the surrounding Hamilton community!

Contact the hosts of Morningfile if you’d like to be interviewed or have something interesting to share!

CFMU Spotlight highlights a program bi-weekly to showcase the amazing content that show hosts develop to share on the radio.


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